Cannabis Marketing

It's not often that something comes along that sparks a new energy and revives your love of being a designer. Here are some examples from this campaign.



Website Design

Developed web content that features test results for the past three years. Showcased current strains and updated look and feel to align with brand. Website traffic doubled from 2016-2017.


Marketing Initiatives

Created eNewsletters that featured our products, events and test results. Built our subscriber list using email campaigns and brand awareness which resulted in positive customer engagement growth.



Designed the 54 Green Acres Logo and created brand standards that were implemented across all marketing materials.


November 2017 — 54 Green Acres 

We are a licensed Tier 2 cannabis producer in Oregon and have had the privilege of working with Lorri for the past two years. She is our go-to marketing department and has led our marketing efforts to develop a logo, website, mailing list, newsletters, promotional sales materials, as well as consumer hand-outs and posters. We love the fact that she is on the east coast so we can send her requests late in the day our time and have some really cool stuff waiting for us in the morning. If you want a marketing partner to help you to uniquely differentiate your business in an affordable way, I would see Lorri @ 

Vin Deschamps, Owner

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Designed a Rogue River Cannabis Farm logo for web/print, including brand standard best practices